Friday, 20 March 2009

Installing Internet Explorer 8

I have a confession to make: despite everything, I like Microsoft products. I like Vista and 7, I like the Office 2007 interface, I love C#, the .NET framework and Visual Studio. There are obviously some other applications I don't like, especially Outlook and Internet Explorer -- and I use Gmail, Thunderbird and Chrome.
As a webdesigner and as a user I was curious about the new Internet Explorer and I decided to write a post just after installing it (I haven't even opened it!).
1. I searched Google for "Internet Explorer 8" and this took me to
2. I clicked the big orange "Download Now" button and ran the installer.
3. For some reason step 2 was my first mistake because after a couple of minutes of downloading and decompressing files the installer told me "This installation does not support this operative system's language" because I live in Portugal but my Windows is in English.

4. So I went back to Microsoft's website and clicked on the small "change locales and versions" link and chose another language, downloaded another version and ran the installer again.
5. After some minutes it tells me it's going to update my windows, internet explorer and search for malicious software, as it did............
6. ........a good half an hour and two reboots later, Internet Explorer 8 was successfully installed (wohooo!) but now I noticed it put shortcuts where I didn't have them before and didn't want to have...
This is how Microsoft caused me a really bad impression even before I started Internet Explorer! Not surprisingly, I'm writing this blog post on Chrome.... Which took like 3 minutes to search for and install without mistakes nor fuss nor unwanted shortcuts, just like Firefox or Safari. I'm installing a browser, not an operative system!
Edit: I ran Internet Explorer 8 and somehow it's my default browser now, and I don't recall allowing him to!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Stop using "optimized for" already!

"This website is optimized for Opera 2.12 at 1280*854"
Today I was talking about this with a friend and it kind of gets on my nerves. Who's the web developer trying to excuse for his poorly rendered website? Or is he thinking that somebody is going to change browser/resolution to see his page right?
This is a lesson for anyone creating any piece of technology that's going to be used by someone else: "stop being lazy!".
"This elevator is optimized for people who can read roman numerals"
"This building is optimized for people bellow 1.5m"
"This cookies are optimized for people wth five teeth"
Do you really want to restrict the usage of your site based on some funky choice no one cares about?