Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Creating a Web-Based Document Platform

Remember the "old document paradigm" post? Me and the team I'm working with, always had a hard time dealing with multi-user documents because right now there are no good alternatives to writing it in word and tossing around updates, specially because this particular project we are working in involves lots of partners scattered around Europe. Last week I started programming this web-based document platform to handle multi-users, change tracking, comments, section locking and other useful features! In just a couple of days I got a working prototype that already feels powerful and promising! It started out as a challenge and it felt great because I was, by coincidence, materializing this idea that I had in mind for awhile.

In a way we are all changing the way the world works, bit by bit :)


Waldir said...

Have you tried Etherpad?

Paulo Ricca said...

Actually I never used Etherpad but that doesn't really do what we needed. I weren't looking for a way to edit text in real-time. what we needed was something like word (with all its formating, headings, table of contents, index of figures, etc), but hosted in the clouds and multi-user friendly with version tracking, chapter locking and comments :)
But thanx for the link! It looks really cool to write code!

Waldir said...

That should be a great resource. I'm looking forward to see that! Meanwhile, take a look at CoWord (can't help but think it sounds a lot like "coward" lol), it's not what you mean but is certainly something worth taking a look at.